We service a diverse array of customers ranging from small domestic to international companies, governments and institutions.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic System (BIPV)

BIPV design in residential, commercial buildings is fast becoming a popular architectural approach in ¡°green¡± building whereby energy management becomes an essential approach to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce utility bills and lessen load demand at peak hours.

Eco-Gallery provides integration of BIPV and its applications to both new and existing buildings.

Urban and Sub-Urban Housings

Eco-Gallery provides localized off-grid (standalone) or grid-connected solution to home using proven technologies.  Our home solutions have met stringent quality assurance, environmental tests and pass all required international regulatory standards.

 •   Grid-Connected PV System (Retrofit)
 •   PV System for Home Appliances
 •   PV Perimeter Lighting System and PV Garden Lights

Rural Development

Most rural community has two essential needs to fulfil - drinking water and electrification.  Through our working experience in the rural areas, Eco-Gallery has deployed its technologies and knowledge, complementing and harnessing the rural living environment, that the most cost effective solutions are made available.

 •   Self sustain and cost effective community electrification
 •   E-learning
 •   Street lighting
 •   Sanitation


Availability of telecommunication infrastructure ¨C telephone and internet access, shall greatly facilitate communication and narrow the gap between rural and urban areas. Eco-Gallery is proud to have implemented PV systems to supply the electricity to power these equipments, where ease of transport, durability and robustness being key in the system design.

Recreation / Leisure

Most resorts are situated far from urban centres, with some not having grid electricity supply. Wiring up the location can also be a great challenge. Eco-Gallery has the experience and expertise in meeting electricity supply for these places. For seaside resorts, our modular floating system can be a viable alternative in building docks and jetties, with construction method that incurs no damage to the environment.


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